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Mt. Shasta Waltz

Recorded live at the Blackberry Bluegrass Festival, 1992

By Evelyn Horner

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The Mt. Shasta Waltz was written by Evelyn Horner in honor of the Mount Shasta Fourth of July celebration. Ms. Horner, well known locally for her fiddle playing, first recorded the song live at the Mount Shasta Blackberry Bluegrass Festival in 1992.

Audio of Mt. Shasta Waltz
WAV file of Mt. Shasta Waltz
Music © 1992 Evelyn Horner. Image © 2001 Jane English.

Love and laughter everywhere,
I looked around and you were there.
In the crowd you took my hand
For the dance.
The mountain filled up the sky,
It was the Fourth of July
As fiddles played to the
Mt. Shasta Waltz.

With mountain music everywhere
Our friends and children all were there,
I felt my heart skip a beat
At the sight.
The celebration brought us there,
We were together for that night
As we danced to
the Mt. Shasta Waltz.


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