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The name Achumawi comes from "wàdzùm·à... [meaning] 'flowing river', hence 'àdzùmà·wi' = 'river people'" (Angulo, Achomawi Language 78). They have also been known as the Achomawi, Ajumawi, Palaihni, and Pit River Indians (Brandt and Davis-Kimball xv). Nine of the eleven bands of Achumawi (sometimes grouped together under the name "Pit River Indians") include: Ihewisedawi (Goose Lake people), Kosalektawi (Alturas people), Hammawi (Likely people), Astariwawi (Canby people), Atwansini (Big Valley people), Ajumawi (Fall River Mills people), Ilmawi (Goose Valley people), Madesi (Montgomery Creek people), and Itsatawi (Big Bend people) (Hinton 161).


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