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James Davis' survey of the available literature concluded that the Achomawi traded with the Atsugewi (their closest trading partner), Modoc Yana, Shasta, Northern Wintu, Northern Paiute, Northeastern Maidu and other unspecified tribes. With the Atsugewi they traded basketry caps, tule baskets, salmon and salmon flour, acorns, dentalia, and rabbit skin blankets for seeds, epos and other root vegetables, meat, hides and furs. They obtained furs, horses and bows in return. They also received dentalia from both the Modoc and Shasta people. In exchange, they gave the Modoc twined baskets, grass and pine nut string skirts and shell beads. The Winum traded bows, furs and salt to the Achomawi for dentalia, clam disc beads and salmon flour. Other important items the Achomawi acquired from their trading partners included deer hides, buckskins, dentalia, pigments, arrowheads, shells and bows. In return for these items they traded obsidian, bows and arrows, sugar pine nuts, furs, and raw sinew (15).


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