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The Shasta people have also been known as the Saste, Shasty, Shastika, Sasti, Shaste, Shasteeca, Shasti, Shastl, Shasto, Chasta, Chastays, Tchasta and Tcheste (Brandt and Davis-Kimball xvii), today most anthropologists use the more common name, Shasta. Although, many early anthropologists including Alfred Kroeber combined the Shasta, Konomihu, Okwanuchu, New River Shasta, Achumawi and Atsugewi people together under the single title of Shastan, the language and culture differences between the Achumawi and Atsugewi and the rest of the Shastans are significant enough for them to be considered separately (Silver 211). This section covers the Shasta, Okwanuchu, New River Shasta and the Konomihu together as one culture while recognizing that there were slight cultural differences between the various groups of people.


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