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The Shasta traded obsidian, deerskins, and sugar-pine nuts with their neighbors the Karuk and Wintu. From the Karuk they received dentalia shells (used as money), salt or seaweed, baskets, canoes and tan-oak acorns, and acorns from the Wintu. The Shasta conducted inter-village trade with other Shastans (Kroeber 287), and with other neighboring tribes. Trade goods that they traded were: buckskins, dentalia, pine nuts, obsidian and obsidian blades, wolf skins, juniper beads, woodpecker scalps and white deer skins, flint blades. From their trading partners they received: obsidian, pine nut necklaces, dentalia, acorns, haliotis, shells and pepperwood gourds, baskets, (Holt 312, Silver 213).


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