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Administration of Justice ADJ 1001 Intro to Administration of Justice
  ADJ 1503 Legal Aspects of Evidence
  ADJ 1505 Criminal Investigation
  ADJ 1517 Community Relations
  ADJ 2002 Concepts of Criminal Law
  ADJ 2524 Introduction to Corrections
  ADJ 2526 Criminal Court Process
  ADJ 2528 Criminology
Alcohol & Drug / Human Services ADHS 1001 Introduction to Human Services
  ADHS 1010 Introduction to Chemical Dependency
  ADHS 1011 Community Outreach and Referral
  ADHS 1013 Relapse Prevention
  ADHS 1515 Physiological and Pharmacological Aspects of Substance Abuse
  ADHS 1517 Ethics for the Helping Professions
  ADHS 1521 Identity / Cultural Awareness
  ADHS 1525 Personal and Professional Growth
  ADHS 1526 ADHS Individual, Group & Family Counseling
  ADHS 2018 Assessment and Case Management / Advocacy Skills
  ADHS 2020 Alcohol and Drug/Human Services Practicum
  ADHS 2526 Understanding Disability
American Sign Language ASL 1521 Intermediate American Sign Language
Anthropology ANTH 1010 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Art ART 1000 Art History I
  ART 1001 Art History II
  ART 1004 Painting
  ART 1006 Beginning Ceramics
  ART 1010 Sculpture
  ART 1011 Photography
  ART 1026 Life Drawing
  ART 1031 Digital Illustration
  ART 1032 Digital Imaging
  ART 1504 Intermediate Painting
  ART 1506 Intermediate Ceramics
  ART 1510 Intermediate Sculpture
  ART 1511 Intermediate Photography
Astronomy ASTR 1110 Astronomy
Area Course Number Course Web Site
Biology BIO 0891 Biology Preparation
  BIO 1000 Introduction to Life Sciences
  BIO 1400 Environmental Principles
  BIO 1700 Field Botany
  BIO 2100 General Biology I: The Unity of Life
  BIO 2200 General Biology II: The Diversity of Life & Ecology
  BIO 2600 Microbiology
  BIO 2700 Human Anatomy
  BIO 2710 Human Dissection
  BIO 2800 Human Physiology
Business BA 0920 Practical Accounting
  BA 1001 Financial Accounting
  BA 1006 Introduction to Business
  BA 1018 Legal Environment of Business
  BA 1024 Beginning Spreadsheets
  BA 1501 Managerial Accounting
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Chemistry CHEM 2000 General Chemistry I
  CHEM 2100 General Chemistry II
Communication Studies COMS 1100 Public Speaking
  COMS 1200 Small Group Communication
  COMS 1300 Interpersonal Communication
  COMS 1700 Introduction to Mass Media
Computer Science CSCI 1001 Introduction to Computer Science
  CSCI 1004 Visual Basic Programming
  CSCI 1007 Programming I
  CSCI 1037 Computer Game Design I
  CSCI 1038 Computer Game Design II
  CSCI 1507 Programming II
  CSCI 2006 Assembly Language Programming
  CSCI 2010 Discrete Structures
Area Course Number Course Web Site
Early Childhood Education (ECE) ECE 1001 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
  ECE 1002 Child Development
  ECE 1003 Child, Family and Community
  ECE 1500 Materials and Curriculum
  ECE 1501 Child Guidance and Management
  ECE 1502 Serving Children & Families in a Diverse Society
  ECE 1999 Human Development
  ECE 2000 Observing and Assessing
  ECE 2002 Child Nutrition, Health, and Safety
  ECE 2003 The Young Child with Special Needs
  ECE 2500 Supporting Family Relationships and Parenting
  ECE 2501 Administration of Early Childhood Education
  ECE 2502 Early Childhood Education Practicum
  ECE 2504 Infant Development
  ECE 2510 Creative Art Activities for Young Children
  ECE 2525 Staffing and Employee Relations in ECE
  ECE 2527 Adult Supervision of Early Childhood Education
  ECE 9081 Early Childhood Education Workshop
Economics ECON 1010 Principles of Macroeconomics
  ECON 1020 Principles of Microeconomics
Education EDUC 0894 Tutor Training
English ENGL 0900 Introduction to College Reading & Writing
  ENGL 0999 Confidence in College Composition
  ENGL 1001 College Composition
  ENGL 1019 Introduction to Creative Writing
  ENGL 1501 Advanced Composition - Literature
  ENGL 1502 Advanced Composition - Critical Thinking
  ENGL 2044 American Literature I
  ENGL 2546 British Literature II
Environmental Science ENVS 1002 Environmental Science
Family and Consumer Science FCS 1011 Nutrition
Area Course Number Course Web Site
Geography GEOG 1110 Physical Geography
Geology GEOL 1110 Environmental Geology
  GEOL 1210 Physical Geology/Lab
Guidance GUID 1002 Career and Life Planning
Area Course Number Course Web Site
Health HEA 1010 Health in Action
History HIST 1004 Western Civilizations to 1600
  HIST 1005 Western Civilizations since 1600
  HIST 1008 History of Women in the United States
  HIST 1009 World Civilizations to 1450
  HIST 1010 World Civilizations Since 1450
  HIST 1017 United States History to 1877
  HIST 1018 United States History Since 1877
  HIST 1023 American Military History
Humanities HUM 1001 Introduction to Humanities
Kinesiology KINE 1011 Nutrition
  KINE 1030 Principles of Physical Fitness and Wellness
Area Course Number Course Web Site
Mathematics MATH 0850 Elementary Algebra Review
  MATH 0980 Intermediate Algebra
  MATH 1050 Elementary Statistics
  MATH 1100 College Algebra
  MATH 1200 Pre-Calculus
  MATH 1400 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
  MATH 1500 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II
Music MUS 1234 Diversity in American Music
  MUS 1633 Survey of Jazz and Popular Music
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Nursing NURS 0852 Clinical Skills Practice II
NURS 0853 Clinical Skills Practice III
  NURS 0952 Vocational Nursing - Second Semester
  NURS 0953 Vocational Nursing - Third Semester
  NURS 0966 Intravenous Therapy and Blood Withdrawal
  NURS 1021 LVN-RN Step-Up Role Transition
  NURS 1031 LVN-RN Step-Up Community Mental Health Nursing
  NURS 1032 LVN-RN Step-Up Intermediate Medical Surgical Nursing
  NURS 1045 Medical Terminology
  NURS 1048 Career Pathways in Health II
  NURS 1541 LVN-RN Step-Up Advanced Maternal Child Nursing
  NURS 1542 LVN-RN Step-Up Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing
  NURS 9062 Certified Nurse Assistant
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Philosophy PHIL 1001 Introduction to Philosophy
  PHIL 1003 Ethics
  PHIL 1014 Philosophy of Love, Sex, and Marriage
  PHIL 1015 Philosophies of Non-Violence
Physical Education PEFI 1035 Physical Fitness Lab
  PEMA 1030 Principles of Physical Fitness and Wellness
  PEMA 1034 Introduction to Kinesiology
  PEMA 1035 Introduction to Athletic Training
  PEMA 1039 Certified Personal Trainer
Physics PHYS 1010 Conceptual Physics
  PHYS 1020 Weird Science
  PHYS 1105 General Physics I
  PHYS 2105 Mechanical Physics, Oscillations, & Waves
Political Science POLS 1001 American Government: National, State, and Local
  POLS 1007 World Politics
  POLS 1012 Introduction to Political Theory
Psychology PSY 1001 General Psychology
  PSY 1003 Social Psychology
  PSY 1070 Understanding the Aging Brain of Older Adults
  PSY 1502 Abnormal Psychology
  PSY 2001 Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology
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Sociology SOC 1001 Introduction to Sociology
  SOC 1002 Social Problems
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Theatre Arts THEA 2000 Introduction to Theatre