BA 0909 - Team Building

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Welcome to the class introduction page for Team Building, BA 0909.   Please read the following information and contact the instructor via email Margie White if you have any questions.  You can expect an email response within 48 hours during the semester. Make sure you use a descriptive subject line for your email so it doesn't get accidentally deleted as spam.

Spring 2014: Class begins on Wednesday, 04/02 and ends on Tuesday, 04/29. 

See the section below on Dates for important information about adding and dropping this class. 

Course Objectives:

In this three week online class you will discover how to:

  • What are the characteristics of an effective team? 
  • What are the important skills I need to be an outstanding team member and how can I improve them? 
  • What are the best strategies for dealing with team problems?

Course Information

  • Course requirements and grading are located on the Etudes course site.  If you have any questions before you register, please email the instructor Margie White.

  • Dates: See the dates listed above for the official start and end dates for this class. COS policy states that late registrations are not allowed once 20% of the class has passed. Due to the short nature of this .5 credit class, 20% of the class is approximately 3 days. COS policy also requires that all 'no-show' students be dropped from the class at the first census. If you have registered for the class but have not logged into the class site within the first few days, you will dropped from the course.  

  • Time Expectations: Expect to spend approximately four hours per week over the three week period - a total of 12 hours. This class includes 9 hours of classroom "lecture" time, and 4 hours for study time and assignment completion. You will be expected to participate each week, this is not an independent-study class.  You do have a choice as to the day and time during the week in which you choose to participate, however, you will have to submit your work each week if you want to pass the course.  Plan to be online at least twice per week to do the readings and complete assignments. 

  • Textbooks:   No books are required for this course; a recommended resources list will be given in class.  Lectures and internet readings will be provided in class.

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Online courses are more convenient than traditional face-to-face courses, but they are usually more difficult and require more time and effort. You should be comfortable using the internet, managing files on your computer, and have good time management skills. Since this class is complete in three weeks, you will need to be ready to go on the first day of class.  Also...

  • You must have a reliable internet connection and a backup plan just in case your first connection is not available. 
  • You will be participating in class and submitting all assignments in writing.  You will need to know how to use your word processing program (especially the spell-check function) and you should feel comfortable expressing yourself in writing.
  • You should know how to use your internet browser program, including making the necessary adjustments as outlined in the System Requirements tab on the main Etudes gateway page.
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