BIO 0891 - Biology Preparation

Spring 2013 (Section #3403) - 1/6 - 1/13

Spring 2013 (Section #3539) - 1/14 - 2/22

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Biology Prepration

Welcome! BIOLOGY 0891 – BIOLOGY PREPARATION (formerly Biology 91) - is a one-unit prerequisite course that covers the basic biological concepts necessary to succeed in Biology 2100 – General Biology 1 (formerly Biology 1), Biology 2600 – Microbiology (formerly Biology 6), and Biology 2800 – Human Physiology (formerly Biology 12B). This webpage will serve as the portal into the BIO 0891 Course Instruction Site.

Biology Preparation is designed solely to be the prerequisite to the Biology Majors courses (General Biology) and the Microbiology and Physiology for the Health careers students. That means that EVERYTHING in this short course is essential for your success in the courses. It is also designed so that, if you already possess that knowledge, you will test out of BIO 0891 very quickly, with the knowledge that you are indeed ready for the course. There are 3 pieces within BIO 0891: Basic Science, Basic Chemistry and Basic Cell. For each section, there is a set of objectives, reading assignments from the text, and online activities. You will take the Science Exit Quiz 1 when you think you're ready . If you pass that first try, you will move on to the next section. If you don't pass that first quiz you'll be able to re-take the quiz (different questions - same material) until you pass it.

Question: "I already have some science classes, can I get the Bio 0891 prerequisite waived?"
Answer: We encourage everyone to take the course, regardless of their previous science coursework. The reason is pretty simple. Students who THINK they already know all the basics Bio 0891 will cover fall into two groups. The first group consists of those who are right - they DO know everything they need to know. When this group takes the course they finish in just a couple of hours with the knowledge that they indeed were already well prepared. Generally, these students appreciate that they had a review and are happy they took the course. The second group consists of those who - after completing the course - report back to us something like "I thought I was ready, but I was weak on the types of chemical bonds" or "I never really understood Membrane Transport. If that's going to be essential for understanding the concepts (it is) then I'm really glad I took the course." or..... So, the bottom line is - if you take the course and it turns out that you didn't really need to, all it cost you was a couple of hours (see the question below about the time commitments) and you find out that you're indeed prepared. And if it takes more time than a couple of hours that's an indication that you needed the review! So, taking the course is a win-win. In a very few cases we will waive the prerequisite. If you think you should be one of them you should contact Dave Clarke in the Biology Department at 530-938-5250.

Question: "What will my time commitments be, both how much and when?"
Answer:...... because the section start times are somewhat artificial, essentially you can start working on the course as soon as it opens up, even if your section hasn't 'officially' started. The only constraint is that you finish by the date your section ends. As for how much time, that depends on how much knowledge you come in with (see the question above). Some, who are already pretty prepared, complete it in a couple of hours. Others will take several days.

Question: "Will this count as a GE class, or even as a survey of biology, if that's what I'm interested in?"
Answer: This is not in any way, any where, a general education class. It will not count anywhere as a general education class. The scope is limited to 1) A brief overview of basic science and biological concepts, 2) an introduction to basic chemistry, and 3) an introduction to the cell. These sections are designed to give you a leg up when you start your core class (Micro, Phys, Majors).

Question: "What kind of work is required for this course?"
Answer: There are no assignments to be turned in, no papers to write, no mandatory discussion groups, no extra reading assignments. There are three sections (Basic Science, Basic Chemistry, Basic Cell) and each section is organized exactly the same. For each section there is a set of objectives, reading assignments from the text, online material, and some practice quizzes. When you think you are ready, you take an exit quiz (all multiple choice questions). When you pass, you move on to the next section. If you don't pass the first attempt at the exit quiz, you'll get more attempts. When you've passed the last exit quiz (Cell Exit) Quiz you are DONE with the course. No final exam. There's more detailed information about how this works once you get into the course.

Question: "How do I register for the Spring Bio 2600 (formerly Bio 6) or Bio 2800 (formerly Bio 12b) once I've signed up for Bio 0891?"
Answer: This should only apply to those students using Bio 0891 to get into Microbiology or Physiology the Spring 2013 semester (and if this applies to you then you NEED to be in the early January section).  If you’re taking the course to get into Bio 2100, 2600 or 2800 for the Fall 2013 semester then this question doesn’t apply to you.  You can enroll in the regular January section (#3539).

Registering for the prerequisite allows you to provisionally register for the subsequent course. If you are registering in person there won't be a problem. The person helping you at the desk will make it work.

If you are registering using the online registration it should still be a simple process. First, register for the early January Bio 0891 (section #3403), then register for your other class for spring (the system should see that you have registered for Bio 0891 and will let you in). If the system has trouble with that, close your COS account, reopen it and try again. If the system doesn't let you in after trying both of these steps, call the counseling office at 530-938-5353 and explain to them that you have registered for Bio 0891 and need someone to confirm your presence in that class and make the computer change which will allow you to enroll in Bio 2600 or 2800). Then, after they've made the change, you can go back into the online registration and complete your registration!

A last note: registering for Bio 0891 will allow you to register for 2600, or 2800. But you need to complete Bio 0891 or you will be removed from the 2600 or 2800 roster prior to the spring semester beginning.

If you have questions about this class, please e-mail the instructor, Dave Clarke .

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