EDUC 1002 - Introduction to Education

Fall 2012

Welcome to the class introduction page for Introduction to Education - EDUC 1002. Please read the following information and contact the instructor via e-mail Cindy Shipley ( if you have any questions. You can expect an e-mail response within 48 hours during the semester. Make sure you use a descriptive subject line for your e-mail so it doesn't get accidentally deleted as spam.

Course Information

This course meets online beginning Monday, August 20, 2012, and ends on Thursday, December 20, 2012.

EDUC 1002 - Introduction to Education introduces the historical and contemporary framework of the American educational system. Students will learn about the teaching and learning processes and the legal, financial and ethical issues in today's schools. Understanding these various elements of education and teaching will help students make sound decisions about entering the teaching profession.


Course Units: 3
Course Grading: A-F

Required Text

     "Introduction to Education, Explorations in Teaching,” 2nd Edition
by Sara Davis Powell. The ISBN# is 978-0-13-708369-5

You will also need an access code for MyEducationLab ($38.50) which you can purchase directly from using the course code shipley46784 

If you are on campus, you can get the text at the COS bookstore.  If you are off campus, or the bookstore is out, there are several online sources to buy or rent textbooks such as and The last time I checked, offered free shipping to students. There is a site - – that compares prices at various online sources. I am NOT recommending one site over another, and doing an online search will turn up many more sources. You can also get the book and access code in a bundle. Buying a used copy of the book and the access code from Pearson is probably the least expensive option.


To Succeed in this Course You Must Have the Textbook

However, we won’t be using it until the second week to give everyone a chance to get the book. The material and assignments for the first week will be posted for you.


While there are no prerequisites for this course, it is recommended that students be able to read and write college level material and ENGL 1001 is advised.

  • Students are expected to have the necessary technology and skills required for an online class. All students should have a back-up computer connection in place in the event the primary computer or online service malfunctions.
  • Students should know how to use an internet browser program (Internet Explorer® or Firefox®) including making the necessary adjustments as outlined in the System Requirements tab on the main Etudes gateway page.
  • Students should also know how to research information on the internet.

You will find the Course Syllabus and further information on the online course site.

Entering the Classroom

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  • You will not be able to access the online classroom unless you are officially registered, the semester has officially begun and the instructor has opened the class site. If you still don't see the tab for the course, you might look over to the right and see if there is a "More" tab. Check that.
  • If you experience any difficulties logging in or finding your class, you can either call 530-938-5515 or e-mail Please be sure to email the instructor as well.


Cindy Shipley
Office hours: Phone or chat sessions by appointment.  E-mails will responded to within 48 hours, except for holidays and other notified times.

Please Note: You should receive a letter via email from the instructor before the class starts, so be sure to check your COS email account. You can do this by logging in to Navigator and clicking on the email icon (envelope) at the top right hand of the page.

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I'm looking forward to meeting you in our online classroom!