GUID 1002 - Career & Life Planning

Spring 2013 (CRN# 3564)

Welcome to the class introduction page for Career & Life Planning - GUID 1002. Please read the following information and contact the instructor, Cindy Shipley, via email ( if you have any questions. You can expect an e-mail response within 48 hours during the semester. Make sure you use a descriptive subject line for your e-mail so it doesn't get accidentally deleted as spam.

Course Information

This course meets online beginning Monday, January 22, 2013 and ending Friday, April 19th.

This class is designed for students who are undecided about their major and for students who are making a vertical or lateral career change. Topics include an overview of life stages, personal and career assessmnet, values clarification to determine career compatibility, educational planning, job search skills, technological changes that will impact the world of work, and the creation of an employment portfolio.

Course Units: 2
Total Hours: 32
Classification of the Course: AA, CSU
Course Grading: Graded

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Cindy Shipley
E-mail is the preferred method of communication.  
Office hours: Phone sessions by appointment.  E-mails will responded to within 48 hours, except for holidays and other notified times.


The Career Fitness Program: Exercising Your Options, 10th Edition, by Diane Sukiennik, William Bendat & Lisa Raufman, Prentice Hall, c. 2012. ISBN-10: 0132762331


Cindy Shipley