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2016-2017 Scholar Athletes

Scholar Athletes

Jermell Brandon
Aaron Burns
Dominque Copeland
Lane Cummings
Jackson Davis
Chase DeMoor
Quinton Dixon
Jacob Doyle
Ryan Duenas
Gage Ferguson
Cory Foster
Austin Gould
Daevon Guildford
Jason Higgison
Scott Hulsey
Justin Kaelin
Grant Kingston
Robert Lohman
Taylor Lowther
Donald (Garrett) Mobley
Tahjae' Morant
Anthony Nunn
Jevin Pahinui
Ellis Parr
Greyson Plucker
Austin Porter
Paden Reynolds
Paul Schander
Dylan Shafer
Tremayne Tolbert
Cody Towers

2016-17 Transfer List

EJ Congratulations to our four year transfers.

2015 All-American and All State

COS vs Feather River

JC Athletic Bureau – CCCFCA 2015 All-America and All-State Teams

First Team All-American: Lashone Garnett (RB) and EJ Deveaux (PR)

First Team All-State: Lashone Garnett (RB), EJ Deveaux (DB), EJ Deveaux (PR), Michael Benton-Ferguson (All-Purpose)

2015 Nor-Cal All-Conference

Garnett touchdown at San Mateo

2015 Nor-Cal All-Conference (Siskiyous)

Offensive Player of the Year: Lashone Garnett (RB)

First Team: Lashone Garnett (RB), Michael McGuire (OL), Michael Benton-Ferguson (WR), Terrence Brown (DL), EJ Deveaux (DB), Drakkar Sweet (DB), Michael Benton-Ferguson (All-Purpose)

Honorable Mention: Hamilton Mateski (P), Griffin Mclain (TE), Byron Hammick (OL), JoJo Alkhedairy (DL), Kyle Connors (LB), Max Valdez (LB).