Hall of Fame

COS Hall of Fame

8th Annual Athletic Hall of Fame May 8th, 2010

Tickets may be purchased March 1st though April 30th. Tickets will not be sold at the door and only those with tickets will be admitted. To purchase tickets, contact Dawnie Slabaugh at the COS Public Relations/Foundation Office at 530.938.5822

2010 Inductees include:

Scott Newmann-Football 1977-78, Rick Dubina-Football 1985-87, Jim Kellar-Football 1990-91, Buster Attebery-Baseball 1970-71, Fernie Fernandez-Track/Cross Country 1978-80, Mike Wilbur-Basketball 1983-85, Beth Laffoon-Basketball 1996-98, Chuck Ely-Assistant Superintendent Business Services 1967-1988.

1980-81 Women's Basketball Team:

Lisa Memeo (Cattaneo), Roxanne Dawson (Akers), Beth Huffman (Blachley), Linda Berry, Sandra Gagner, Cindy Sullivan, Bonnie Boudreaux, Regina Pugh, Head Coach Greg Gatlin, Assistant Coach Ray Kellar and Athletic Trainer Robert Sanchez

2009 Inductees:

Cory Branker-Football 1980-82, Bryant Long-Football 1981 and Baseball 1982-83, Cece Cadell Carter-Ski 1975-76, Joel Kubli-Football 1970-71, Mike DeRoss-Football 1971-72 and Baseball 1972-73, Roland Holcomb-Basketball 1966-68 and the 1968-69 Men's Basketball Team: Mike Carpine, Gary Hickey, Cleveland Eter, Dean Blevins, Ron Martin, Bob Layton, Jerry Leventon, Les Scott, Brian Phillipe, Denon Smith, Clint Brown, Jon Bennett, Dave Branson, Don Brown Head Coach Sid Smith, Assistant Coach Art Fish and Statistian Julie Smith.

2008 Inductees:

Lori (Seehawer) Fuhriman, Jessica (Saltzman) Fields, Frank Holguin, Jiggs Sage, James Edwards and the 1977 Eagle Football Team: Scott Newmann, Jim Sullivan, Dale Asp, Mark Segner, Bill McGuire, Rick Streif, Greg Sturges, Jim Kutzer, Jeff Kutzer, Rob Smith, Mike Moore, Steve McConnell, Dennis McDowell, Wayne Burden, Pat Boston, Kenny Brought, Dennis Roberts, Randy Chaffee, Bobby Wise, Don McDowell, John Rozinkin, John Mitchell, William Hancusek, Sherman Anderson, David Bridgett, Ron Fidler, Greg Ramsdell, Steve Bodar, Mitchell Bradford, Jeff Townsend, John Hoge, Tim Herman, Jim Eckstein, Robert Ingram, Greg Horton, Ray Higginghottham, Rick McNatt, Bobby Murphy, Randy Ross, Head Coach Jim Ray, Assistant Coaches Greg Gatlin, Dennis DeRoss and Athletic Trainer Robert Sanchez

2007 Inductees:

Joe Blevins, Mike Carpine, Bryan Gerig, Roger Lorenzini, Shirley Scalise, Dawn Soutsavang, Kelly Stuart, Buddy Thomas and Jim Witherell

2006 Inductees:

Dennis DeRoss, Roger Ellis, Bernadette Knight, Susie Meunier, Duke Schamel, Rob Smith, Sid Smith, Ron White and Mike Virtue

2005 Inductees:

Mark Acre, Craig Bray, Noelle DeBortoli, Jim Kutzer, Paul Pearson, Robert Sanchez, Jug Scalise, Larry Sylva and Jeff Townsend

2004 Inductees:

Bonnie Boudreaux, Ken Broughton, Randy Cantrell, Mike Cleland, Thorn Cumings, Joel DeBortoli, John "Sonny" Dixon, Doug Eastman, Amani Housen, Bobby Lance, Coach James "Jim" Ray, Jerry Ray, Chris Smith and Lori Sullivan

2003 Inductees:

Roxanne (Dawson) Akers, Dave Branson, William "Bilie" Brown, Clinton Brown, John Cook, Doug DeBortoli, Lee Ferrero, Glenda Whipple, John Mazzei, Brian Morris, Cindy Sullivan, Kristen DeBortoli, John Salvestrin, Andy Smith, Woodrow D. Smith, Jr. and Dr. Vic Thompson.