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Welcome to the Flora of the Bear Trail
College of the Siskiyous
By Dr. Kenneth and Leona Beatty

California Poppy

©1999 Dr. Kenneth And Leona Beatty

The purpose of this web site or CD is to provide visual identification of the plants on the Bear Trail at College of the Siskiyous for Field Botany, Field Natural History, other C.O.S. classes, and the general public.This is an ongoing project which will be updated periodically. You can visit the Bear Trail by exiting I-5 at the Central Weed interchange and follow the College of the Siskiyous signs to College Avenue and the campus. The campus map pinpoints where the Bear Trail starts. The flowers are arranged by color: white, yellow, pink, red-orange, blue-purple, and others. Trees and shrubs are in another section. Each page has photographs and a brief description of the plants. Information on past and present medicinal usage is included to stimulate interest, not to endorse any medicinal or consumptive use. Recognition and identification of plants are not essential to acknowledging the beauty of plants, but they certainly add a greater dimension to appreciation and awareness. Hopefully, you can visit this site in person, but for those who can't, this web site and CD will provide a visual substitute. This project could not have been completed without the help of others. The authors would like to acknowledge the following people who were involved in the Bear Trail production.

Take the Bear Trail Flora Review to find out how much you have learned!

Copyright 1999 Dr. Kenneth And Leona Beatty

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