butterflyFlora of the Bear Trail
About The Authors
Dr. Kenneth and Leona Beatty

Dr. Kenneth Beatty has been an instructor of biological science at College of the Siskiyous since 1960. During this time he has cultivated a keen interest and a rich background in the flora of Siskiyou County and adjacent areas. It has been his desire for a long time to create a visual record of our local plants. This project is the first step toward fulfilling this dream.

Leona Beatty is also a longtime resident of Siskiyou County. She has a deep appreciation for the beauty and art found in nature, especially in the wildflowers. During this time she has developed a sharp eye at 50 m.p.h. botany and considerable skills with the camera and computer.

The purpose of this web site and CD is to enhance and educate individuals about the flora in this area. There are more plants on the trail than shown. The authors, as of this time, don't have photographs of them. These will be added in the future. Both Leona and Ken have compiled the text and have taken all the photographs except the aerial view of campus. Another CD titled, Botanical Treasures of Mt. Shasta and Adjacent Areas should be released in June 1999. All plant images are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the authors.

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