Knobcone PineKnobcone Pine
Pinus attenuata
Pine Family (Pinaceae)

Growth Form: Generally a squat, bushy appearance, 30 to 80 feet, trunk may be forked; lowest branches often only a few feet above the ground; occasionally grows in dense stands of tall slender trees resembling Lodgepole Pine.

Leaves: Evergreen; needles in bundles of 3, 3 to 8 inches

Bark: Gray and smooth on upper trunk and younger trees, turning dark gray-brown and fissured with age

Cones: 3 1/2 to 7 inches; curved and asymmetrical at base; cones remain closed and in whorls usually for the life of the tree.

Found: Dry, rocky, low nutrient soils including serpentine; open sunny areas

Knobcone Pine conesTidbits: This tree is considered to be a fire-climax species as the cones do not open until the tree is killled by fire. After the fire, the cones begin to open to release seed into cooled mineral soil.