Principles of Biology : Laboratory

Lab 11 : Drosophila I

Theme: Look at the theme I gave you in Lab 7 and write a similar, short, concise theme for this lab.

Materials and Methods: "Biology Lab Manual" by The College Board, 2001. <cite correct page numbers. The Drosophila lab is #7 in the lab book.>

Results: Present your data on the Monohybrid Data Sheet.  Notice, you can report on someone else's data, but you must indicate that, and discuss what happenned (as best you know) to your flies. Notice that the "Monohybrid Data Sheet" has a space for this information. You should also indicate in this section (even if it is scribbled in your lab book) how many and what type of flies were used in your F1 cross. You should use the tables in the book to record your data. I realize that you probably did not count how many F1 flies you had. That is alright. Fill in the lab book as best you can.

Analysis and Conclusion Section :
In your written report, indicate what mutant you had and what inheritance pattern it showed. Then, also, please fill out the lab book pages 82-85, constucting a null hypothesis and then testing it using Chi-squared on your F2 data. You own numbers might be so small that we will reject the null hypothesis. That is OK.

Note: This lab only deals with your F1 and F2 flies with the mutation that you were originally given to study (or a partners if you are reporting on their data), it does not include the data for the "dihybrid cross" -- that is the data for  Lab 12.

Nov. 18, 7:30 p.m.