The best way to use these would be to download the powerpoint version to your own computer. That way, you don't have to wait for it to download everytime you want to open it. When you click on this file to open it, you'll be given the option of 'saving' it or just 'opening' it. Tell it to save, pick a spot, and wait.

EXAM 4 SLIDE SHOW - labeled images.

EXAM 4 SLIDE SHOW - same images, but unlabeled for you to use to make your own quizzes

A few notes.
- I've been able to label almost everything that you're responsible for, but there's at least one item that's not on one of these photos.
- Every slide has an S, L, M, or H on it. They refer to the power (Scan, Low, Medium, High) at which the photo was taken.
- As with the last test, any photos used for the exam will come from the rest of our library, not these photos. So don't use these as your only study tool - use the microscopes!