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Human Physiology

An introduction to human physiology. Focus is on basic physiological principles and the integration of body systems in maintaining homeostasis. While this course is intended to fulfill requirements for nursing, physical education, and allied health students, it may also be taken as a life science elective. Lab.

Will it transfer???

This course is degree applicable, and will transfer to the University of California and the California State University systems.

BIO 5 (Human Biology) and BIO 5L (the corresponding lab) are both prerequesites for BIO 12B. While there is no Reading or English prerequisite, you will have a great deal of reading to do and you will be asked to write, both a research paper and shorter assignments. You will also need to perform some basic calculations. So we advise the student to have completed Math 81, Read 10 and English 52 (or tested out of them) prior to attempting this course.

Bio 12B is offered both semesters. The lead instructor is Dave Clarke. To go directly to the Physiology class page click here,

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