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BIO 2                 


General Zoology

A study of the structure and physiology of animals, and a survey of the animal kingdom stressing phylogenetic relationships and relationships between form and adaptive responses. Lab.

What we mean is:

So, you want to study warm, furry animals? I have two words for you: "cable television". General Zoology studies the evolution of animals, from the simplest protozoa through Homo sapiens. It is designed for science majors. About 75% of the course is about invertebrates, cold-blooded, slimy animals without backbones. This includes about three weeks on various groups of worms! There are weekly writing assignments, a major paper, some dissections, and plenty of exams. If you are not a science major, but still want to learn about the evolution of animals, please consider taking BIO 10, which is not as rigorous.


Will it transfer???

This course is degree applicable, and will transfer to the University of California and the California State University systems.


Required prerequisites: MATH 53 - Intermediate Algebra, and BIO 91 - Biology Preparation. While there is no Reading or English prerequisite, you will have a great deal of reading to do and you will be asked to write, both a research paper and shorter assignments. So we advise the student to have completed Read 10 and English 52 (or tested out of them) prior to attempting this course.

This course is offered in alternating spring semesters.

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