College of the Siskiyous

Biology Preparation

Bio 0891

At the end of the course is a short evaluation. Here is a sampling of some comments from the first groups of students
to finish the course. Each one is from a different student.

I was upset that I had to take Bio 0891, but I am happy now that I have taken it. This was a great check up on where I was on remembering the basics. Also I did this without the book and only used the lessons.

This course rocked!

I really liked this course. Having the ability to retake everything took a lot of pressure off. The practice quizzes were great as well because they let you know how you were doing and if you needed to study a little more on the material.

Great course.

I like how everything was presented in a simple manner. It was easy to understand and kind of fun taking the practice tests. Thank You.

I really liked being able to pace myself. It is not easy working full time and trying to go back to school. The set-up of the class was very easy to navigate

I really enjoyed the class, it was a great refresher from my last bio. class

Content was well written and easy to understand, graphics were great, enjoyed the occassional humor, and found the information to be a worthwhile refresher.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I learned in the course I believe it will be very helpful