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Biology Fun Stuff

Bear Stuff(ed)...

Earth Day: An annual event at COS!

Stuffed Animals on display in the Life Science Building: A virtual tour!

The Bear Trail in Winter: A virtual tour!!

Spring Flora on the Bear Trail: Longing for spring?? A virtual tour!

Mr. Schanker, Biology Instructor clowning around. These pictures show off a black bear taken by Brian Belcastro in November of 1994 near Black Butte. The male bear, or boar, weighed 508 pounds, stood 8-9 feet tall, and was approximately 3-4 years old. The taxidermy is by Leonard Slabaugh.

Speaking of bears, The Bear Trail is a 1.7 mile loop circling the Weed campus. It is used by students and staff alike for recreation, and demonstrates many native plant and animal species.

Flora of the Bear Trail was created by Ken and Leona Beatty.  

A second picture of our newest acquisition lovingly namedHerbeart.
Mr. Schanker, Biology Instructor showing off our newest acquisition, a stuffed bear now hanging in the foyer of the Life Science building on the Weed campus.
Neil Schanker, pictured here, has been published online! Please check out his article "Matsutake Mushroom Mania" at McGraw Hill's integrative website!




Shane and friend



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Neil Schanker recieving award from Lisa, ASB President.

Neil Schanker recieving award from 
Lisa, ASB President.

A big box found along the Bear Trail.

A big box!!


Earth Day is an annual event at College of the Siskiyous.  Students and staff participate in activities aimed at increasing awareness.  These activities help our campus and the community.  Earth Day occurs on campus each spring, and activities are included, such as the Bear Trail trash pickup shown here.

Earth Day is an annual event at COS culminating in a series of activities, such as the Bear Trail trash pickup shown here...we filled an entire dumpster in April of 1999!

Please contact us for further information.

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