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Career Guide

Biology, Botany, Zoology

Program overview at COS

The field of biological sciences includes the cvollege majors of Biology, Botany, and Zoology. Persons in the biological or life sciences career field do research and conduct experiments to find out more about plants, animals, and other living things. Some study methods of producing better characteristics of plants or animals; some work to find ways to preserve the natural balance in nature. Others condust research to improve medicine, health, and living conditions for human beings. These jobs are found in business and industry, govetment agencies, universities, and hospitals. The employment outlook varies by specialty.

Biology Courses at COS

College of the Siskiyous offers a wide variety of courses in the biological sciences. Consult the current COS catalog or click here for a description of these courses:

Aquatic Biology Human Biology
Bird Identification Human Physiology
Environmental Principles Introduction to Life Sciences
Field Botany Microbiology
Field Natural History Nutrition
General Botany Plant Communities
General Zoology Principles of Biology
Human Anatomy

Some Related Job Titles

Agricultural Inspector Microbiologist
Aquatic Biologist Museum Curator
Biological Technician Naturalist
Biotechnologist Pharmaceutical Representative
Botanist Plant Pathologist
Conservation Officer Plant Physiologist
Environmental Consultant Research Analyst
Environmental Educator Science Teacher
Horticulturist, Plant Geneticist Technical Writer
Industrial Hygenist Vererinarian
Laboratory Technician Water Quality Biologist
Marine Biologist Zoologist

Sample Employers

Business and Industry:Environmental and Ecological Services, Plant Genetics Companies, Environmental Education and Nature Centers , Medical Laboratories, Medical Equipment Suppliers, Biological Suppliers, Testing Laboratories, Laboratory Equipment Suppliers, Biological Suppliers, Veterinarians, Hunting and Fishing Preservess, Resorts, Fishing Parties, Zoos, and Aquariums.

Federal Government:Army Corps of Engineers, Vetrans Administration, Bureau of Reclamation, Environmental Protection Agency, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service, Health & Human Services, Bureau of Land Management, Plant Protection & Quarantine Service, Food & Drug Administration, Department of Energy, Public Health Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Agricultural Research Service, Bureau of Consumer Protection, National Park Service, Fish & Wildlife Service.

State, County, and Local Government:Agricultural Commissioner, Agricultural Extension, Food & Agriculture Department, Animal Control, California Conservation Corps, California Environmental Protection Agency, Coastal Commission, Colleges and Universities, Conservation Department, Fish & Game, Forestry & Fire Protection, Health Services, Parks & Recreation, Pesticide Regulation, Resources Agency, Toxic Substances Control, Water Quality Control Board, Water Resources.

How to Prepare

Occupations in the biological sciences usually call for education and/or training ranging from four years to more than ten years. Important academic courses include algebra, geometry, advanced math, chemistry ,and physics. Technical writing and composition courses are helpful. A bachelors degree with a major in biology or another life science is generally rewuired; graduate degrees are needed for most research work and college teaching.

COS Resources

College of the Siskiyous has many resources available to explore and achieve your career choice. The following departments are at your service:

Career Center (530) 938-5308

  • EUREKA-A computerized career information system that is an excellant source of current occupational information for all career fields.
  • Guide for Occupational Exploration (GOE)-Has additional information about this and other fields and related occupations.

Counseling Services (530) 938-5353

  • A listing of Advisors and other resourced for your major.
  • Career & School information files.
  • Career Guidance Classes

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Further Information

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