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Bear Trail in Spring

Scenes of the Bear Trail
in Late Spring

The College of the Siskiyous Bear Trail is located on the C.O.S. campus in Weed, California.  It serves as a 1.7 mile nature trail for various biology courses, and is open to the public.  Its recreational value is great, as many use it for jogging, walking their dogs or just enjoying nature.  This web page is an attempt to illustrate a late May walk on the Bear Trail. Enjoy!!

Click on a picture for a larger image AND a description! 
Mountain Violet False Solomon's Seal California Black Oak California Black Oak
Bracken Fern (Pteridium aquilinum).  This sunlight-loving fern dies back each 
winter and resprouts in the spring.
False Solomon's Seal California Black Oak
Wild Ginger False Solomon's Seal Wild Rose Wild Rose
Thimbleberry Wild Ginger
Douglas-Fir Bracken Fern Mosses and Lichens Wild Strawberry
Wild Ginger
Thimbleberry Wild Rose
Thimbleberry False Solomon's Seal (with Crab Spider) Thimbleberry Thimbleberry
Smooth Yellow Violet
False Solomon's Seal Pine Violet
Sword Fern Lupine Pine Violet Oregon Grape
Mosses and Lichens
Mountain Violet White Fir
Starflower Starflower Mosses and Lichens Lichen
Greenleaf Manzanita
Oregon Boxwood Lomatium
View of Mount Shasta Canyon Live Oak Pussypaws Pussypaws
Bark of the Ponderosa Pine
Lupine Ponderosa Pine (Cones)

Pictures and captions by
Neil Schanker

College of the Siskiyous - Biology - Bear Trail in Spring

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