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CSCI 1001 - Introduction to Computer Science

Course Information

Spring 2020 (Section #3077)

This course is designed as a general introduction to computer science. It is worth 3 units, applicable towards a College of Siskiyous Associate Degree, transferable to all 12 of the UC's, the 23 CSU's, SOU, OIT, CAN CSCI 2, and meets the Area F requirement for COS General Education. It is designed to teach students the basics of word processing, building and managing spreadsheets, and creating presentations. Students will also learn the basic hardware components of the system unit, applications software, input devices, output devices, operating systems, utility programs, the Internet, the Worldwide Web, and storage devices. This online class is being offered via Canvas. Students enrolling in this course must have internet access and know how to use email. Check the COS online course website at prior to the first day of the semester for specific course information.

Required Textbooks:
1. Microsoft® Office 2016, Marquee Series, ISBN 978-0-763-86675-4 by Nita Rutkosky & Denise Sequin, published by Paradigme Publishing
2. Discovering Computers 2010, Brief, ISBN 978-0-324-78647-7 by Shelly, Cashman, & Vermaat, published by Cengage Learning

Welcome to CSCI 1001 and I look forwarding to working with all of you.

If you any questions at all do not hesitate to email me at

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