Engl 1012:  Folklore

Important Information Fall 2011

Starts August 15th

Instructor: Michael Roesch

REGISTERED STUDENTS:  The full online course will be available via the Etudes Portal page a few days before the start of the semester. You can still get started on the course by reading the "short syllabus" below and clicking on the link to the first week assignment schedule. Be aware that I will be still fine-tuning the course and adding links until a few days before the start of the semester.
WAIT-LISTED STUDENTS: before asking me to add you to the folklore course, please review the course syllabus and at least the first week's assignment page (use link at bottom of this page). If you are still sure you want in the course, send me an email briefly telling me that you have reviewed the syllabus and first week's assignment page and still would like to request permission to enroll.

Brief Course Syllabus/First Day Handout

Contact:   You can send me e-mail: folklorecourse@sbcglobal.net; I tend to check my e-mail each day, so you should have a fairly quick reply to any question you might have.

The Course: The class is three units and can be applied to the AA, CSU, and UC. The Internet course was designed for students who, for whatever reason, cannot attend the COS campus on a regular basis. The course is an examination of folk wisdom, art and artifacts traditionally handed on by word of mouth or by custom and practice. In addition to reading about superstitions, proverbs, tall tales, and urban legends, students will have ample opportunity to explore their own family folklore and a few of the many local legends, i.e., Bigfoot and the Lemurians on Mt. Shasta. Students will also explore Native American myths, cowboy lore, fairy tales, jokes, folk songs, and folk games.  

Where: The class will be held via the Internet. 

Text and/or material needed: J.H.Brunvand's The Study of American Folklore (fourth edition ISBN 0-393-97223-2).image of course text The text is required reading, and it can be purchased from the COS Bookstore--either at the Yreka (530 842-1245) or WeedCampus (530 938-5236). Please call the appropriate bookstore to check on hours and that the text is in stock before visiting. The text is published by WW Norton and Company, and the fourth edition can likely be ordered from Amazon.com , Barnes and Noble or other bookstore on or off the Internet. 

If you do not already have the ability to play mp3 files on your computer, you might consider downloading one of the many free mp3 players, though most computers will already be able to play mp3 files just fine. In fact, you can try listening to my Folklore welcome message  recorded as an mp3. Please note that audio files (even mp3 audio) are often large, and large files are best downloaded with a broadband connection. Anyway, once installed, any of the free players (or an Ipod) will allow students to listen to any audio files found on this web site--including my weekly lectures. My short audio lectures are structured to highlight important tasks, touch on key concepts, and appeal to the audio learner, and I suggest you start out each week by listening to them or reading the linked written transcript.

You can obtain a COS Library card by either visiting the COS Library or filing out the online form. The card will allow you to access full-text periodicals via the Internet. Such periodicals can be of great use when researching topics and supporting claims.

Grades: You will be able to access your current grades/scores online. Grades will be determined by your scores on the following work:

General Course Policies and Content Warning: 

What you can do before the course starts:

    1. Get your textbooks (see the below above).
    2. Check that your browser and computer will run the Etudes courseware by going to the Etudes portal and clicking on "System Requirements"
    3. You can view the first week's assignment page , start reading your text, and visit a few other course pages (you will need to login to Etudes to really visit the course, use the discussion board, view the gradebook, etc., but I have made a few pages available for students wishing to get a look at the course and assignments
    4.  If you are new to Etudes, you can view information about the Etudes course management system at:http://www.siskiyous.edu/online/etudes/index.htm