The following topics are just a few that come to mind. Look through the Brunvand text--especially the bibliographic section after each chapter. Surf the Internet under "folklore." Examine a few copies of the Journal of American Folklore or The Journal of Popular Culture (at COS Library). Attempt to find a topic you wish to learn more about, a topic you are interested in, and perhaps a topic that will work for another course as well. Don't worry about whether someone has already written on the topic--if the topic is really of interest to you, you will find a way to communicate that interest to me. Note that your topic must be pre-approved by me and your paper will be checked for plagiarism. The specific topics below are only offered to help get your mind thinking--you can  select one of the topics listed, take the opposite position of any topic listed, or simply create your own controversial topic to work with. Once you select a possible topic, try to write a tentative thesis that cleary states your topic, position, and supporting claims--this will help you organize your paper.

A few topics with possible positions:
A few topics you can create positions for: