The Gay Caballero

As sung by Paul Skaggs

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Oh! I am a gay Caballero,
Coming from Rio De Janeiro.
With nice oily hair and full of hot air,
Iím an expert at shooting the bullieío.

Iím searching for a senorita,
Not too skinny but not to much meatía.
Iíll woe her a while in my Argentine style
Iíll Sweep her right off of her feetía.

Now, she was a dancer and singer,
And at me she kept pointing her finger.
And then she would say, si, si, senior, si
But I couldnít see a damn thingía.

Now, she told me she was so lonely,
So I climbed up on her bal-cony.
While under her spell, I heard someone yell,
ďGet away from here you big baloney.Ē

Now, I am a sad Caballero,
Returning to Rio De Janeiro.
Oh! minus my hair a bruise here and there,
And her husband he chewed off one ear-o.

Now, Iím back in Rio De Janeiro.
Iíve been married for many a year-o.
But for me thereís no joy,
I have seven boys,and each one born with one ear-o.

Images from clipartconnection

This was one of my and also my children's favorite songs that Dad sang. I was so surprised when I found information on the World Wide Web. I found a CD by Frank Crumit who recorded it in 1928. I bought this CD and found it had "Abdul Abulbul Amir," which Dad also liked to sing. The CD also had some other goofy songs I had never heard, like "I Married The Bootleger's Daughter" & "What Kind Of Noise Annoys An Oyster." ~ Peggy

Have a look here. This is fun.

Did you know that a movie was made in Lone Pine, called "The Gay Caballero" staring Cesar Romero in 1940? ~ Peggy

List of Movies Made In Lone Pine

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Created with love for my family as a remembrance

Peggy Whipple