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Weekly Learning Objectives and Study Questions

Each of the documents below includes learning objectives and study questions for that week's lesson. If you understand the facts and ideas that underlie the questions you will be well prepared for our in-class activities and exams. Because these documents are PDF files you will need to install a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to view them.

Learning Objectives and Study Questions Etudes Qsns Supporting Documents
Chapter 1: Introduction to environmental science 22-Aug  
Chapter 2: Matter, energy, and ecosystems 29-Aug  
Chapter 3: Evolution, biodiversity, and population ecology 5-Sep plant cladogram
Chapter 4: Species interactions and community ecology 12-Sep  
Chapter 5: Environmental economics and policy 19-Sep  
Chapter 6: Human population 26-Sep  
Chapter 7: Soil, agriculture, and future food 10-Oct  
Chapter 8: Biodiversity and conservation biology 19-Oct  
Chapter 9: Forests, forest management, and protected areas 24-Oct  
Chapter 10: Environmental health and toxicology 31-Oct  
Chapter 11: Geology, minerals, and mining 7-Nov  
Chapter 12: Fresh water, oceans, and coasts 14-Nov  
Chapter 13: Atmospheric science and air pollution 21-Nov  
Chapter 14: Global climate change 28-Nov  
Chapter 15: Non-renewable energy sources 5-Dec  
Chapter 16: Renewable energy alternatives 12-Dec  
Chapter 17: Managing our wastes 12-Dec  

Writing Assignments

Each assignment below is linked to instructions for a part of the larger writing assignment. The instruction page includes examples, grading rubrics, and links to the articles themselves.

Writing assignments Date assigned Date due
Assignment 1: Outline 28-Oct-2016 4-Nov-2016
Assignment 2: Preliminary abstract 25-Nov-2016 2-Dec-2016
Assignment 3: Revised abstract 8-Dec-2016 11-Dec-2016