College of the Siskiyous

Peaks of the King Spur, Kings Canyon National Park, California

GEOL 1130 - Geology of California

Course Information

Fall 2018 (Section #7182)

Geology of California introduces plate tectonics, geologic dating and the formation of earth materials and uses these concepts to explore how the state's landscape has been shaped by different geologic processes as California’s tectonic setting has changed during the past two billion years. It also examines the roles that these various processes have played in producing California's mineral resources and creating the geologic hazards that confront so many of the state’s citizens today. (AA,CSU,UC) (C-ID: GEOL 200) Prerequisite: ENGL 1001 and either MATH 0850 or qualification through assessment or MATH 0851 or qualification through assessment

If you have questions about this class, please email the instructor, Bill Hirt.

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