Weekly Lessons

Each of the lessons below includes learning objectives, reading and browsing assignments, and information about the exercise and quiz that support learning about that week's topic.

Weekly lesson

Date assigned

Date due

Lesson 1: Orientation 11-Jan-10 17-Jan-10
Lesson 2: Plate tectonics 18-Jan-10 24-Jan-10
Lesson 3: Geologic processes I: geologic dating and crustal deformation 25-Jan-10 1-Feb-10
Lesson 4: Geologic processes II: rocks and minerals 1-Feb-10 8-Feb-10
Lesson 5: Geologic processes III: volcanoes and earthquakes 8-Feb-10 15-Feb-10
Lesson 6: Continental rifting 15-Feb-10 22-Feb-10
Lesson 7: Passive margins I: modern margins and coastal processes 22-Feb-10 1-Mar-10
Lesson 8: Passive margins II: ancient margins 1-Mar-10 8-Mar-10
Lesson 9: Subduction zones I: Cascade and Aleutian arcs 8-Mar-10 15-Mar-10
Lesson 10: Subduction zones II: Sierra Nevada and alpine glaciation 22-Mar-10 29-Mar-10
Lesson 11: Collisional mountain ranges: collision dynamics and streamflow 29-Mar-10 5-Apr-10
Lesson 12: San Andreas fault and transform boundaries 5-Apr-10 12-Apr-10
Lesson 13: Oceanic hotspots: Hawaiian Islands 12-Apr-10 19-Apr-10
Lesson 14: Continental hotspots: Yellowstone and the Snake River Plain 19-Apr-10 26-Apr-10
Lesson 15: North American craton I: undeformed regions and groundwater 26-Apr-10 3-May-10
Lesson 16: North American craton II: deformed regions 3-May-10 10-May-10
Lesson 17: Accreted terranes: continental growth and landslide hazards 10-May-10 17-May-10

Writing Assignments

Each assignment below is linked to instructions for a part of the larger writing assignment. The instruction page includes examples, grading rubrics, and links to the articles you'll be reading.

Writing assignments

Date assigned

Date due

Assignment 1: Outline of article 1 15-Feb-10 22-Feb-10
Assignment 2: Abstract of article 1 1-Mar-10 8-Mar-10
Assignment 3: Outline of article 2 19-Apr-10 26-Apr-10
Assignment 4: Abstract of article 2 3-May-10 10-May-10