Learning Objectives and Study Questions

The documents below include learning objectives and study questions for each week's lesson as well as any supporting documents for a given week. If you understand the facts and ideas that underlie the study questions you will be well prepared for our in-class activities and exams. Because these documents are PDF files you will need to have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) on your computer to view them.

Learning Objectives and Study Questions

Supporting Documents

Chapter 2: Earth and its Waters  
Chapter 3: Plate Tectonics and the Development of Ocean Basins  
Chapter 4: Seafloor Features and Marine Sediments  
Chapter 5: Physical Properties of Water  
Chapter 6: Chemistry of Seawater: Salts, Dissolved Gases, and Nutrients Residence Time Exercise
Chapter 7: Structure and Motion of the Atmosphere  
Chapter 8: Ocean Circulation and Density Structure  
Chapters 9: Ocean Surface Currents  
Chapter 10: Waves: Swells to Tsunamis Wave/Tide Exercise
Chapter 11: Tides: "Waves" Raised by the Sun and Moon  
Chapter 12: Land and Sea: Coasts, Beaches, and Estuaries Estutary Salt-Water Balance
Chapter 13: Marine Environmental Issues: Erosion, Pollution, and Wetlands  
Chapter 14: Oceanic Environments for Life  
Chapter 15: Oceanic Productivity: Flows of Nutrients and Energy  
Chapter 16: Planktonic Communities: Drifters  
Chapter 17: Nektonic Communities: Free Swimmers  
Chapter 18: Benthic Communities: Bottom Dwellers  

Computer Exercises

The assignments below are available as either online exercises from Virtual Courseware or from the Hazard City CD on reserve in the library.

Computer Exercises

Date assigned

Date due

Exercise 1: Earthquake! (class code: 1907774) 30-Jan-2012 3-Feb-2012
Exercise 2: Global Warming—Energy Budget Model (class code: 75523) 5-Mar-2012 9-Mar-2012
Exercise 3: Tsunami/Storm Surge Exercise (submit answers in Etudes) 4-Apr-2012 11-Apr-2012

Writing Assignments

Each assignment below is linked to instructions for a part of the larger writing assignment. The instruction page includes examples, grading rubrics, and links to the articles themselves.

Writing Assignment

Date Assigned

Date Due

Assignment 1: Outline of article 16-Mar-2012 21-Mar-2012
Assignment 2: First abstract of article 11-Apr-2012 16-Apr-2012
Assignment 4: Revised abstract of article 9-May-2012 16-May-2012