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MUS 2523 - Applied Music - Literature

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Spring 2020 (Section #3196)

This course includes specialized individual instruction for music majors on their major focus instrument or voice through a weekly one-hour private lesson. The study of appropriate literature from all relevant eras of music history including the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern will be covered through subsequent semesters. Performance in a recital each semester is required. May be taken for credit a total of four times. (AA, CSU, UC) Advisory: Assessment by audition with instructor is required. Concurrent enrollment in Music Theory I (MUS1101) or completion of Music Theory I - MUS1101. Concurrent enrollment in one of the ensembles listed: Orchestra 1041 or Concert Band 1111 or Concert Choir 1105 or Chamber Singers 1507 or Jazz Band 1516 or Chamber Music Ensemble 1508 or Vocal Jazz Ensemble 1512.

Class meets once per week on the Weed Campus.

If you have questions about this class, please email the instructor at

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