College of the Siskiyous

NURS 1021 - LVN-RN Step-Up Role Transition

Course Information

Summer 2018 (Section #5071)

This course is designed for the LVN who is transitioning into the role of RN (Registered Nurse). Theory and application of concepts of physical assessment, the nursing process, critical thinking, the relationship of homeostatic mechanisms to fluids and electrolytes and nursing competencies in the professional roles of clinician, teacher, leader and advocate will be presented. This course provides an opportunity for the LVN to practice and develop new, or reinforce previously learned, skills and procedures necessary for advanced placement. (AA, CSU) Prerequisite: Admission into the LVN-RN Step-Up (ADN), and an active LVN license, BIO 2700, BIO 2800, BIO 2600, and ENGL 1001. Students must follow application admission process and meet all admission criteria.

If you have questions about this class, please email the instructor, Kim Parham.

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