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PEFI 1035 - Physical Fitness Lab

Online Course Information

Summer 2019 (Section #5039)

This course is designed to increase your fitness levels in the four areas of physical fitness: muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and body composition. You will be required to participate in a weekly fitness program, pre/post fitness testing, and will be required to take the concepts of physical fitness exam at the end of the semester. You will be required to turn in weekly fitness workout sheets at the end of every week. There are four different workouts available: home workout (no equipment necessary, home workout (dumbbells and stability balls needed), fitness center workout, and an advanced workout. You will need to choose one type of workout or you can vary week to week. These workouts will be submitted using Google Documents and then submitted through Canvas. If you have any contraindications to exercise please notify me as soon as possible and a doctor’s release may be necessary.


There is no text book required for this course. I will provide any materials needed for your information and review.

Welcome to PEFI 1035 and I look forward to working with you. You may reach me at or on my office phone (530) 938-5389.

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