Banner Steering

The Banner Steering Committee meets monthly to discuss, evaluate, and prioritize outstanding Banner tasks and projects, and to be sure any upcoming changes to the Banner environment are sufficiently addressed. Members represent all Banner modules in use at the College (Employee, Finance, Financial Aid, and Student), as well as technology support and tie-ins with 3rd-party products that are used with Banner. Any larger Banner issues or concerns that cannot be resolved within this committee are taken to Technology Council for recommendation and resolution.


Chair: Chris Wehman. T J Baugus, Karen Chandler, Josh Collins, Hallie Coppi, Nancy Coughlin, Vickie Donaldson, David Gault, Mellissa Green, Kelly Groppi, Kent Gross, Ben Harris, Janette Harris, Doug Haugen, Anne-Marie Kuhlemann, Darlene Melby, Mary Mericle, Therese Richmond, Valerie Roberts, Dr. Stephen Schoonmaker, Bart Scott, Todd Scott, Meghan Witherell