From: Mauro, Ellie
Sent: Tuesday, August 20, 2002 2:03 PM
To: CurriculumCom
Cc: Ismail, Ahmed; Fedora, Gerri; DeRoss, Dennis
Subject: Flex Follow-up
Hello!  The flex activity that Gerri and I gave on writing course outlines was well attended and well-received.  The group did have some questions and suggestions which I promised to send to the committee.
  1.  The new form does not mention a readability test.  Is this still required?
  2.  In the revised handbook, why is the articulation officer not listed as a member of the     committee?
    1.  On New Course Proposal Form
      a.  Before item 2, include a phrase such as 'Check any appropriate boxes'
      b.  Change wording on item 7 to: "Are current equiipment and/or supplies adequate?"
           On the form, list anticipated additional costs
      2. All forms should be computerized
     3.  The Change in Status form is "confusing" and should be re-designed.
     4.  Include information about the FW grade on directions for writing a first day handout.