College of the Siskiyous

Expanded President's Cabinet

This group of administrators meets monthly to share timely communication regarding college operational topics and serves as a collective consultative group addressing systemic inefficiencies, problematic ineffectiveness, and continuous quality improvement issues.


Dr. Stephen Schoonmaker, Superintendent/President
Emily Anderson Moser, Grants Development Officer
Cora Brownell, Director - Nursing
Vickie Donaldson, Executive Assistant I - Instruction
Kim Freeze, Director - Non-Credit, Community, and Contract Education
Ryan Galbraith, Supervisor - Bookstore
Deborah Goltz, Executive Assistant II - President and Board
Janice Gonzalez, Executive Assistant I - Student Services
Melissa Green, Vice President – Student Services
Kelly Groppi, Human Resources Manager - Employee Services
Kent Gross, Director - Fiscal Services
Jan Harris, Director - Financial Aid
Dr. Doug Haugen, Director - Student Life
Desiree Kaae, Executive Assistant I - Administrative Services
Angel Keen, Supervisor - Resale Shop
Wayne Keller, Director - Information Technology
Mark Klever, Dean - CTE/Director - Yreka Center
Cindy Martel, Supervisor/Cook - Food Services
Darlene Melby, Vice President - Administrative Services
Nancy Miller, Human Resources Manager - Classification, Employee Relations, and Professional Development
Dr. Char Perlas, Vice President - Academic Affairs
Dr. Nathan Rexford, Director - Research & Evaluation
Theresa Richmond, Associate Vice President - Human Resources
Veronica Rivera, Interim Director - Facilities
Dennis Roberts, Associate Dean - Instruction
Valerie Roberts, Associate Dean - Student Success
Carie Shaffer, Administrative Assistant II – Public Relations
Dawnie Slabaugh, Director - PIO/Foundation Office
Christina Van Alfen, Program Grant Manager - CTE
Meghan Witherell, Director - Admissions and Records
Beverly Muelrath, Recording Secretary

Agendas, Meeting Notes, and Related documents