College of the Siskiyous

President's Cabinet

This group of senior-level administrators and direct reports to the college president serves as the first point of contact for governance emanating out of the president's functional areas, and serves as the final review of governance for all other functional areas receiving recommendations from College Council.


Dr. Stephen Schoonmaker, Superintendent/President
Dr. Carole Bogue, Interim Vice President – Instruction
Melissa Green, Vice President – Student Services
Darlene Melby, Vice President - Administrative Services
Theresa Richmond, Associate Vice President – Human Resources
Mark Klever, Dean – CTE/Director – Yreka Center
Dr. Zachary Zweigle, Dean – Instruction
Dennis Roberts, Associate Dean - Instruction
Valerie Roberts, Associate Dean – Student Success
Cora Brownell, Director - Nursing
Dr. Nathan Rexford, Interim Director - Research & Evaluation
Dawnie Slabaugh, Director – PIO/Foundation Office
Sheila Grimes, Executive Assistant II – President and Board
Beverly Muelrath, Recording Secretary

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