Grant Application Process

Grant Application Process for COS Staff

  1. All grant-funded projects must further the College's mission and achievement of the Institutional Master Plan. In addition, projects should relate to an outcome or activity in your Program Review.
  2. If you are interested in submitting a grant application, fill out the grant assessment tool. If you can answer "yes" to most of the questions and have a solid plan in place, you are ready to proceed.
  3. You must discuss your idea for a grant with your Dean or Vice President and obtain his/her approval. Once that step is completed, submit the grant assessment form and written approval (email is o.k.) from your Dean or VP to the Grants Development Analyst, who will then obtain approval from the President.
  4. After a project is approved, we will help you outline a collaborative process for preparing your proposal for funding, and will assist you with writing, editing and formatting of the application, as well as budget development. You will most likely serve as the technical expert on the project, and will be asked to contribute your knowledge.
  5. All grant applications are submitted by the Grants Office rather than a department or individual. The completed grant proposal must be available for review and signature by the appropriate individuals prior to submission to the granting agency. Please allow adequate time for review.
  6. If you do receive a grant award, you must forward all paperwork to the Grants Office. The Grants Development Analyst will prepare a Board Report to secure the Board's approval and authorization of expenditures.
  7. Board approval is required before any funds can be spent on a project.