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Relationship Questions & Problems

 Breaking Up...
 Dealing with Rejection Better.
 Great Male Survey - Results (from
 My partner is having an affair... is this the end?
 Take the Relationship Communication Test (Dr.Phil)
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 Dealing with Rejection Better.

It's been proven that one of the biggest causes of unhappiness occurs when people take things personally that they shouldn't.

This can happen when a restaurant messes up your order, when a place you really want to go to is closed on that particular day, or when a woman rejects your attempt to start a conversation with her.

None of these things are personal attacks on you. So instead of letting them affect your self-esteem, give yourself credit where credit is due.

If you approach a woman and she doesn't want to talk to you, give yourself credit for trying.

You don't know what's going on in her life -- she could have a boyfriend, or just be having a bad day. Either way, it's not you.

Pat yourself on the back, and move on.


 My Partner is Having an Affair....

I've discovered my partner has been unfaithful. The past few days have been a horrendous mixture of rows, tears and recriminations. He says he still loves me, and I still love him, but everyone I know tells me to just walk away. Is there any hope for us? Sound Familiar? Read On!

Infidelity doesn't have to spell the end for a relationship. Yes, some partners have affairs because they want out of the relationship, but for most people, an affair is a wake-up call. It's a signal that they're not happy, but if the relationship changed they would stay. In some cases, a relationship is strengthened by an affair as both partners have had to face and work through the problems in their relationship.

Affair action plan

*News that your partner has had an affair will shock. Don't make any hasty decisions about your future, however much other people pressure you to do so.

*Your partner needs to agree to stop seeing his (or her) lover - if they refuse, walk away.

*Once you're over the shock and can talk calmly with your partner, try and talk through the reasons for the infidelity.

*Think about the question: what needs to change in your relationship for infidelity never to happen again?

*Couples counselling can provide a neutral and supportive environment to talk these difficult issues through.


For More Information : How To Survive Infidelity


Whether it's you or your partner who's gotten a little green-eyed, jealousy is a common battle that -- surprise! -- you can actually win together, with some TLC and trust. (from

Go Here for lots more information on Jealousy.

How Jealous Are You? Take A Quiz from RedBook.


Talking to your partner is the first step in solving almost every relationship problem. Easier said than done, right? Discover how to open up the lines of communication. (from

Go Here for lots more information on Communication.

*****Take the Relationship Communication Test from Dr. Phil.

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