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Biology – as the 'study of life' – includes a large array of specialized areas, which collectively reflect the field's many exciting faces. While the traditional biological fields include areas like cell biology, medicine, botany, zoology, ecology and evolutionary biology, we have recently seen the development of additional, more specialized areas like molecular biology, ethnobotany, forensic biology and a host of others. With more advanced technology and continuing cross-fertilization between existing biology fields, new areas of inquiry are constantly being created.

Career Options

There are many career paths open to you with background in Biology including: Nursing and other allied health fields, forensics, biotechnology, environmental consulting, field biology, forestry, horticulture, genetic counseling, bioinformatics, agricultural science, animal health, environmental health, exercise physiology, high school or college science education, marine biology, microbiology, public health, medicine, research, veterinary science, and many more.

Depending on your interest you might work to rehabilitate damaged ecosystems, explore for new species previously unknown to humans, or develop vaccines to save lives. Your work conditions could range from a Level 4 sterile laboratory doing state-of-the-art genetic research to spending all of your time in the field observing nature directly. You might work in a hospital, academia, a private foundation, any level of government, a corporation, or start your own business.

At COS, we have a wide variety of course offerings in Biology including courses that will:

  • Prepare students to complete allied health care programs
  • Prepare students to transfer into a Biology bachelor's degree program, and
  • Allow to students to get to know the discipline while completing science general education requirements.


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