College of the Siskiyous


POLS 1001 - American Government: National, State, and Local

Advisory: ENGL 1001

This introductory course explores the origins, foundations and development of the federal and California state governments and examines their institutions, political processes, and their functions. (AA, CSU, UC)

POLS 1007 - World Politics

This introductory world politics course provides students a theoretical framework in the analysis and study of international relations and the competing approaches in understanding and addressing contemporary issues and crises. The course will explore the role and influence of states and non-state actors on foreign policy making; the dynamic role and impact of globalization; the importance of arms control and disarmament; the issues and concerns surrounding the global environment and its impact on sustainable development. (AA, CSU, UC)

POLS 2929 - Special Studies

Opportunity for students to do an independent study of selected aspects of Political Science (federal, state, local) and apply what they have studied to some problem in order to reach a conclusion or to solve a problem. (AA, CSU)


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