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Theatre Arts

A background in the Theatre Arts offers students the opportunity to develop not only a compelling external poise and confidence in public expression, but also a powerful insight into the nature of human relations and interpersonal dynamics. Theatre Arts students develop intense imaginations, become keen observers, and generate valuable insights into the complexities of human nature. Theatre has been a powerful medium of human expression and exploration for thousands of years, offering its community a deeper understanding of itself, both as a collective and as individuals, through a fascinating synthesis of entertainment and instruction. The Theatre Arts Department at COS continues that noble tradition through its coursework and its two annual productions, exposing students to the rigors of both theory and practice.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, the student should be able to:

  • Create an informed theater audience.
  • Provide educational entertainment to the community.
  • Build community liaisons.
  • Give to community.
  • Develop awareness of arts in community.
  • Encourage participation in community theater and dance.
  • Train future participants in community theater and dance.
  • Create outreach programs for personal enrichment.

Career Options

Careers in the Theatre Arts include actor, stage manager, director, playwright, public relations specialist, set designer, lighting specialist, makeup designer, costumer, producer, theatre technician, fight choreographer, instructor, theatre manager, construction crew, technical director, casting director, and critic.


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Neil Carpentier-Alting


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