Math Lab

About the Math Lab

What We Do

The COS Math Lab is a drop-in tutorial service staffed by a math instructor and student tutors. We can provide help for you in your math class, and are able to help with some questions from science courses as well.

How It Works

Bring your questions to the Math Lab staff! Or you can study in the Math Lab and ask questions as they arise. The goal of the Math Lab is to help you better learn and understand mathematics. This requires your active participation, so whoever is helping you will stop and discuss a topic with you instead of just working the problem for you.

How To Become Eligible To Receive Help In The Math Lab

To use the Math lab, students must enroll in EDUC 0670. That's it! Tutoring and help is now free. The Math Lab is open during regular ASC operating hours.

Weed Location/Contact

The Weed Math Lab is in the "loft" of the Academic Success Center (ASC) in the Learning Resources Center building (same general area as the Writing, Reading , and Computer Labs). For those not familar with the COS campus, see Math Lab Locations and maps.

Email Math Lab
Phone: (530) 938-5830(530) 938-5830