MESA - Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement


Are you eligible for MESA?mesa logo

If you meet the following criteria, you may be eligible for MESA:

  • You are working toward a major in math, science, engineering, computer science, or another major that requires a lot of math (this major will be declared on your education plan once you join MESA)
  • You plan to transfer to 4-year institution
  • You do not have a Bachelor’s degree
  • You are eligible for, placed into, or have passed elementary algebra (MATH 0851 & 0852 or MATH 0850) or higher
  • You have financial need and/or qualify for EOPS, SSS, the BOGW waiver, or PELL/Financial Aid
  • Your parents or guardians do not have a Bachelor’s degree, or you started community college in pre-algebra (MATH 0830 or MATH 0811-0816) or elementary algebra (MATH 0851 & 0852 or MATH 0850)

There are additional criteria, so please see the MESA Director/Counselor for more details. You also need to complete the MESA application to be officially admitted to the program.