Associated Student Board - By-Laws

BY-LAWS (Revised 02/5/2009)


Section 1: The parliamentary authority for the Associated Student Board shall be Robert's Rules of Order, newly revised.

Section 2: The Associated Student Board shall operate under the current laws of public meetings as defined under the Brown Act.


Section 1: All registered students, faculty, staff, and administration of College of the Siskiyous, upon purchase of an associated student body card (Eagle Card), shall be members of this Association and shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges thereof.

Section 2: All members of this Association shall purchase an Eagle Card, which shall be used throughout the fall and spring semester.

Section 3: Only students who are members of the Associated Students of the College of the Siskiyous shall be eligible for the privileges listed below, and such others, as may be added by action of the ASB.

  1. They may hold student offices, if they carry the required units as stated in the constitution.
  2. They shall be admitted at reduced rates to COS student activities for which admission fees are charged.
  3. They may belong to any campus subsidiary organizations.
  4. They may avail themselves of services, as the Association may make available.



Section 1: Associated Student Board elections shall be held in the spring and fall for ASB Senators. The spring election shall be held at the last week of January. The fall election shall be held no later than the fourth week of the semester. In the event that there are no candidates for the election, the President will appoint individuals for vacant positions as outlined in the Constitution. On the last week of April, a special election will be held for the position of Student Trustee.

Section 2: An election committee shall be appointed by the ASB President.

Section 3: The election committee shall govern all election and campaign activities within the voting area.

Section 4: No candidate for office, or member of a candidate's committee, shall be a member of the election committee.

Section 5: Campaign posters may only be placed in the designated student publicity areas (see Publicity Code).

Section 6:

  1. Candidates for the position of Student Trustee must be a college student in good standing for one semester.
  2. Candidates on Election Day shall not be closer than 25 feet to the voting area except to vote. Candidates must leave the voting areas immediately upon casting their ballots.

Section 7: A schedule of election workers and the times they shall work shall be submitted to the ASB President or Secretary, at least 48 hours before the election.

Section 8: A schedule of election workers, and the times they shall work, shall be submitted for the Student Body's inspection.

Section 9: A ballot sample(s) shall be submitted for the Student Body's inspection.

Section 10: The voting area will consist of:

  1. A table for registering
  2. Voting booths, which shall be separate from the registrar's table by at least 10 feet.
  3. A ballot box.
  4. An area free of publicity extending 25 feet in all directions from the edge of the voting area.

Section 11: The polling area shall be open from 9 AM to 1 PM on the Election Day.

Section 12: The voter must be a registered student prior to obtaining a ballot.

Section 13: College of the Siskiyous Administration, Faculty, and Staff may vote in ASB elections.

Section 14: Voting shall be done by secret ballot.

Section 15: The Election Committee shall draft a ballot form with the candidates' names and offices, provided by the Advisor. The ballot form should include each candidate's name as provided on his /her application. The desired position in which the applicant seeks shall be explicit on the ballot.

Section 16: Voters shall be restricted to vote for only those names appearing on the ballot. In the case where two or more candidates are running for the same position, their names should be listed in alphabetical order by the last name. No unusual differences in appearance should be allowed to exist between them.

Section 17: A simple majority of total votes cast is necessary for winning an election.

Section 18: An election may be contested by submitting a petition to the ASB, which has been signed by 10% of the total day enrollment of COS. The ASB President shall appoint a Chairperson and four committee members to investigate and rule on the validity of the election. This committee shall be composed of two ASB members and three members of the student body at large. This petition must be presented within two weeks of the date of the election.

Section 19: If a special election is needed, it must be fowarded to the President and then appoved by the current ASB.

  1. Any special election will be held within two to three weeks after the approval of ASB.
  2. Special election will follow election codes stated in the By-Laws.



Section 1: As provided for in Article III, Section 2 of the AS COS Constitution, general elections shall be held in the spring and fall. The election for Student Trustee shall be held on the last week of April.

  1. In the Spring, the fifteen newly elected Senators and the Student Trustee shall assemble during the first week of May and shall choose an Interim President and Interim Vice President to serve over the summer break until the Fall elections. The Interim President, with the approval of the other ASB members, shall appoint the Interim Secretary and the Interim Treasurer from within the newly selected Spring Senators.
  2. In the fall, with the inclusion of the ten newly elected Fall Senators, the ASB shall elect the President and Vice President before the fifth week of school is completed. The President shall appoint the Treasurer, Secretary, Historian, SSCCC Representative, Residence Hall Representative, Campus Club Representative, Physically Challenged Representative, and the International Student Representative, Committiee Chairperson, Public Relations Representative, and Sustainability Representative with the approval of ASB.
  3. If no Senator is qualified to carry out the duties of any officer position (except President, Vice President, and Student Trustee), the President may appoint a qualified ASB card holder to an officer position with the approval of the ASB.
  4. No ASB Senator shall be elected to office for more than two concurrent academic years without a 2/3-majority vote of the current ASB.
  5. No Senator shall be appointed to the office of President unless she/he has been a college student in good standing for one semester.

Section 2: Each ASB member shall remain in office for his/her term as long as he/she remains a student in good standing and continues to fulfill the duties of his/her office. Good standing is defined as enrollment in at least six units with a 2.0 grade point average. However, if an ASB member is considered to NOT be fulfilling their duties or is considered NOT to be in good standing as defined as AS of COS Constitution, Article 3. Section 4, and/or in the most recent Student Handbook, College of the Siskiyous, the Associated Student Board shall carry out the following steps:

  1. The ASB Advisor or the ASB President shall place the member in question on a one-week leave of absence from the committee.
    1. An ASB member on a leave of absence from the Board shall not attend the ASB meeting as a member of the Board, shall not vote, and shall not become chairperson of any committee. Further, any office that the member in question held on ASB, and any campus committee seat that the member in question held, shall be temporarily filled by another ASB member during the leave of absence.
    2. The leave of absence may be extended by the ASB Advisor, but may not exceed 9 weeks.
  2. During the member in question's leave of absence, the ASB will hold Executive Sessions to discuss the issue and will include the member in question who will have an opportunity to testify. The ASB will also consider whether or not to place the member in question on probationary status.
  3. A 2/3-majority vote of ASB is required to place the member in question on a probationary status.
    1. The probationary status term period shall be specifically stated in the motion, and shall not exceed one semester in length.
    2. The ASB may exercise the option of placing restrictions of ASB activities, or requiring performance of other actions appropriate to the particular situation, upon the member in question, on a case-by-case basis.



Section 1: The President shall:

  1. Preside over all regular meetings of the Associated Student Board.
  2. Have the power to call special meetings.
  3. Enforce the Constitution.
  4. Be given the final authority in all emergencies not covered by the Constitution. He/she shall act with the full authority of the ASB when it is expedient to do so before the ASB is assembled from the summer break, or at any other time when the affairs of the students warrant it.
  5. Appoint committee chairperson.

Section 2: The Vice President shall:

  1. Preside over regular ASB meetings in absence of the President.
  2. In case of the removal of the President, or of his/her death, resignation, or inability to discharge the powers and duties of the office, these duties, powers, and responsibilities of the office shall devolve upon the Vice President.
  3. Serve on committees.
  4. Act as parliamentarian and Brown Act aide.

Section 3: The Student Trustee shall:

  1. Be elected specifically as Student Trustee by the Student Body.
  2. Represent the Association and the Student body on the College Board of Trustees.
    1. Respect and defer to the "Do's and Don'ts" as copied from the CCLC Student Trustee Handbook, 1991 (or it's most current version). The "Do's and Don'ts" are hereby adopted and made part of these By-Laws.
  3. Present a detailed report of each Board Agenda and meetings.
  4. Be appointed by the President to serve on committees.
  5. Attend the President's Council.

Section 4: The Secretary shall:

  1. Take and prepare the minutes of the regular and special meetings.
  2. Handle all correspondence that involves the ASB.
  3. Prepare an agenda for ASB meetings.
  4. Post minutes, agendas, and other ASB information on designated bulletin areas for informing the student body.
  5. Keep an attendance record throughout the year.
  6. Prepare the ballots for general and special elections.
  7. Serve on a standing or administrative committees.

Section 5: The Treasurer shall:

  1. Shall maintain the financial records and financial status of ASB.
  2. Process fiscal documents.
  3. Update and make revisions to the annual budget.
  4. Provide a monthly budget report to the ASB.
  5. Oversee fundraising for the ASB.
  6. Approve every expenditure of ASB funds that has been voted on.
  7. Serve on a standing or administrative committee.

Section 6: The Historian shall:

  1. Maintain the files in a neat and orderly manner.
  2. Research past practice, accomplishments, and failures of previous events and be able to advise the ASB of such knowledge as questions come up in the current year.
  3. Keep a current inventory and equipment list. Be able to tell where to find the supplies, equipment, and decorations.
  4. Serve on a standing or admistrative committee.

Section 7: The SSCCC Representative shall:

  1. Attend meetings of SSCCC, Region 1.
  2. Represent COS at SSCCC meetings.
  3. Represent SSCCC at COS meetings.
  4. Keep ASB informed of issues, meetings, and officers of SSCCC.
  5. May hold Regional or State SSCC officer position.
  6. Serve on a standing or adminstrative committee.

Section 8: The Residence Hall Representative shall:

  1. Ideally should live in the Residence Halls, but it is not a requirement if a Senator can be from the Residence Halls.
  2. Represent the Residence Hall students at ASB meetings.
  3. Represent ASB to Residence Hall students.
  4. Serve on a standing or adminstrative committee.

Section 9: The International Student Representative shall:

  1. Ideally should have standing, as an International Student at COS, but is not a requirement if a Senator can be from the International Student group.
  2. Represent the International students at ASB meetings.
  3. Represent ASB to the International Students.
  4. Serve on a standing or adminstrative committee.

Section 10: The Physically Challenged Student Representative shall:

  1. Ideally should have standing as a physically challenged student at COS, but is not a requirement if no Senator can be found from the physically challenged student group.
  2. Represent the physically challenged students at ASB meetings.
  3. Represent ASB to the physically challenged students.
  4. Serve on a standing or adminstrative committee.

Section 11: The Campus Club Representative shall:

  1. Be the liaison with the clubs on the Club Council.
  2. Report to the ASB on the activities of the campus clubs.
  3. Serve on a standing or adminstrative committee.

Section 12: The Committee Chairperson shall:

  1. Appoint any ASB Senators willing to serve as head chair of any ASB Standing Committee.
  2. Be the liaison to all Standing Committees.
  3. Help the head chairs of each Standing Committee.
  4. Present a detailed report from each Standing Committee.
  5. If no report is made from the Committee Chairperson, then each head chair of all standing committee will make a report to the ASB.
  6. Sit on all standing committees.

Section 13: The Public Relations Representative shall:

  1. Do promotions, flyers, posters, and be a liaison to the COS Public Relations Office for the ASB.
  2. Represent and promote the ASB.
  3. Maintain and promote all info about the ASB on the Electronic Message Board.
  4. Write any news releases to the Information Office.
  5. Serve on a standing or administrative committee.

Section 14: The Sustainability Representative shall:

  1. Read the Talloires Declaration provided by the Association of University Leaders.
  2. To educate the newly elected senators from the fall and spring about the Talloires Declaration.
  3. To educate any student willing to read the Talloires Declaration.
  4. Promote sustainability to the general public.
  5. Serve as head chair on the Sustainability Committee.
  6. Present a detailed report to the ASB about current sustainability issues.

Section 15: The Senators shall:

  1. At the beginning of the fall semester, meet, elect and appoint officers of the Associated Student Board.
  2. Any of the remaining Senators must serve as a student representative on at least one campus administrative committee.
  3. Serve on a standing or adminstrative committee.



Section 1: The ASB President may call for an Executive Session for the purpose of discussing a matter of delicacy. The President must submit notification of the Executive Session to the Secretary prior to the meeting date, and it must be properly listed on the agenda.


Section 1: ASB Campus Cub Code

  1. All campus clubs are to be chartered by the ASB.
  2. The approval of a proposed club constitution requires a 2/3 vote of a quorum of the ASB.
  3. All members of the campus club must be members of the Associated Students of College of the Siskiyous and possess a valid student body card.
  4. All campus clubs must have a faculty or staff advisor.

Section 2: The Club Council

  1. The Campus Club Representative of the ASB shall attend meetings of the Club Council, which shall consist of at least one representative from each active campus club.
  2. The purpose of the Club Council shall be to facilitate communication among the clubs and to provide assistance and information from the ASB to the clubs and from the clubs to ASB.
  3. The Club Council shall meet at least once each month, and notice of the meeting date and time shall be given to the Club Advisors at least two weeks in advance of the meeting.


Section 1: The following committees shall be considered Standing Committees of the ASB throughout the school year:

  1. ID/Merchant Discount Card Committee
  2. Sustainability Committee
  3. Fund Raising/ Programming Committee
  4. Photographing/ Documenting Committee
  5. Recruitment Committee
  6. Constitution and By-Laws Committee

Section 2: Chairpersons of the Standing Committees will be appointed for the term of one year by the Committe Chairperson and approved by the President during the fall semester.

Section 3: Standing Committee Chairpersons will be responsible for directing and coordinating their committees and any sub-committees they may form.

Section 4: Standing Committee Chairpersons will call for volunteers from among the other ASB members and members of the Associated Students to serve on their committees. If there are no volunteers, the Standing Committee will request the ASB President to appoint members of the committees.

Section 5: The following Admistrative Committees that any ASB Senators must attend throughout the school year are:

  1. President's Advisory Committee
  2. Instruction Council Committee
  3. Curriculum Committee
  4. Student Services Council Committee
  5. Library Advisory Committee