CCSSE - Community College Survey of Student Engagement

The CCSSE allows Community Colleges to collect information from students about their educational experiences and level of engagement in college.  Student engagement, or the amount of time and energy students invest in meaningful educational practices, is the underlying foundation for CCSSE’s work. CCSSE is designed to capture student engagement as a measure of institutional quality.
Information from student surveys such as the CCSSE can be used to promote improvements in student learning and persistence.  Surveys provide faculty and staff with reliable data for decision-making and highlight opportunities for improvement.

2014 COS-specific CCCSE Report
2011 COS-specific CCCSE Reports
2008 COS-specific CCCSE Reports
2006 COS-specific CCCSE Report
Additional breakout data for specific groups of students is available (except 2006).  Please contact the Office of Research & Evaluation for the web site and password.