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Mount Shasta as a Visual Resource

Early Artists

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Mostly limited to artists born before 1900. A list of approximately 175 artists whose artwork depicts Mount Shasta, but does not include photographers. This is an ongoing list updated as of December 1991. Compiled from various sources including auction records, exhibition catalogs, art books, art gallery exhibitions, private collections, etc.

Note that Titian Ramsay Peale (1799-1885), traveling southward as naturalist with the 1841 Wilkes-Emmons overland expedition, lost his sketching materials while crossing the Umpqua Mountains in southern Oregon. No depiction of Mount Shasta by Peale is known to exist. Thus only his fellow expedition members, the world-reknowned geologist James Dwight Dana and the official expedition artist Alfred Thomas Agate, both of whom did sketch Mount Shasta, share the honor of creating the earliest bona-fide pictures of Mount Shasta. Titian Peale, because of his stature as an American artist and his presence at Mount Shasta in 1841, is included in the following list.

Adam, William (1846-1931);
Agate, Alfred Thomas (1812-1846);
Armstrong, Bradley Adan (1818-1904);
Armstrong, George Frederick (1852-1912);
Armstrong, William Weaver (1862-1906);
Ayres, Thomas Almond (1816-1858);
Barchus, Eliza Rosanna (1857-1959);
Bates, W. J. (a.1915);
Beardzley, Carl A.;
Best, Arthur William (1859-1935);
Best, Harrie Cassie (1863-1936);
Bierstadt, Albert (1830-1902);
Bloomer, Hiram Reynolds (1845-1911);
Borg, Carl Oscar (1879-1947);
Boyner, George Don (a.1929);
Breckman, Benjamin (a.1910);
Breuer, Henri Joseph (1860-1932);
Broad, Alphonso Herman (1851-1930);
Brodt, Helen Tanner (1838-1908);
Brooks, Gertrude A. (a.1920s);
Brown, Henry Box (1831-1915);
Brown, Benjamin Chambers (1865-1942);
Bruce, Edward (1879-1943);
Bruner (a.1917);
Bush, Norton (1834-1894);
Butman, Frederick A. (1820-1871);
Cambell, Charles (a.c.1865);
Campbell, Mrs. J. A. (a.1899);
Camerer, Eugene (1830-1898);
Carnine, Philip K. (1884-1976);
Cedro, A. (a.1909);
Clair, R. A. (a.c.1900);
Colman, Samuel (1832-1920);
Dahlgren, Carl Christian (1841-1920);
Dana, James Dwight (1813-1895);
Doughty, G. N.;
Davies, Arthur B. (1862-1928);
Davis, Willis E. 1855-1910);
Deakin, Edwin (1838-1936);
DeRome, Albert Thomas (1885-1959);
D'Estrella, Theophilus Hope (1851-1929);
DeTreville, Richard (1864-1929);
Doty, John Warren (1870-1959);
Dove, J.;
Dow, Arthur;
Dresel, Emil (1819-1869);
Eichler, Alfred (1895-1977);
Eld, Henry (1814-1850);
Egloffstein, Frederick W. von (1824-1838);
Elkins, Henry Arthur (1847-1884);
Eilshemius, Louis Michel (1864 - 1911);
Emmons, George Foster (1811-1884);
Englehardt, John Joseph (1867-1915);
Fenn, Harry (1845-1911);
Fitler, William Crothers (1857-1914);
Fletcher, Frank Morley (1866-1949);
Fountain, Grace R. (1857-1942);
Frisbee, Mabel Moores (1883-1979);
G., K. (a.1902);
Geney, E. (a.1895);
Gibbs, George (1815-1873);
Gifford, Robert Swain (1840-1905);
Gifford, Sanford Robinson (1823-1880);
Gilbert, R.;
Gray, Henry Percy (1869-1952);
Gray, Una (?-1930);
Gremke, Deidrich Henry (1860-1939);
Hallie (a.1886);
Harmon, Charles Henry (1859-1936);
Hart, Joseph (a.1901);
Healy, Joe;
Heath, Frank L. (1857-1921);
Hencke, Albert (1865-1936);
Herrick, Kate Powers (1840-1926);
Hill, John Henry (1839-1922);
Hill, Thomas (1829-1908);
Hittell, Charles (Carlos) Joseph (1861-1938);
Hoerman, Carl (1885-?);
Holdredge, Ransom Gillete (1836-1899);
Holtum, Louise (1872-1945);
Inness, George Jr. (1854-1926);
Jackson, William Franklin (1850-1936);
Johnstone, E. McD. (a.1887);
Johanson, Waldemar (a.1930s);
Jones, W.;
Jonnevold, Carl Henrik (1856-1930);
Jorgensen, Christian (1860-1935);
Keller, Arthur Ignatius (1866-1924);
Keith, William (1838-1911);
Kern, Edward (1823-1863);
King, Clarence (1842-1901);
Kress, Frederick B. (1888-1970);
Kuchel, Charles Conrad (1820-c.1865);
Lamb, Earl (1889-1984);
Lamson, James (a.1856);
Lee, Rowland (a.1900);
Lemos, Pedro;
Lemos, William (1861-1942);
Lockyear, Joe (a.1920s);
Logan, Maurice (1886-1977);
Lungren, Fernand Harvey (1859-1932);
Macartney (a.1885);
Mackenzie, Frank Joseph (1865-1939);
Magers, Ella ;
McBride, A. L.;
McKnight, William (a.1860);
Melrose, Andrew W. (1836-1901);
Miller, Ralph Davison (1858-1945);
Mitchell, Alfred R. (1888-1972);
Moore, Edward H. (a.1879);
Moore, Frank Montague (1877-1967);
Moran, Thomas (1837-1926);
Moses, Thomas G. (1856-1934);
Muir, John (1838-1914);
Munger, Gilbert Davis (1863-1903);
Nappenbach, Henry (1862-1931);
Nickerson, Rebecca Ellen 1861-1941);
Noble, Raymond Elmer (1880-1947);
Ogilby, Robert E. (?-1884);
Oliver, Frederick Spencer (1866-1899);
Parrott, William Samuel (1844-1915);
Peale, Titian Ramsay (1799-1885);
Peck, Orrin M. (1860-1921);
Peixotto, Ernest Clifford (1869-1940);
Perard, Victor Semon (1870-1957);
Pierce, Bruce Wellington (1858-1947);
Pissis, Emile M. (1854-1934);
Plowman, George Taylor (1869-1932);
Preuss, Charles (1803-?);
Reading, Alice Matilda (1859-1939);
Ramm, John Henry (1879-1948);
Richter, Henry Leopold (1870-1960);
Richardt, Theophilus (1855-1948);
Richards, Nellie (a.1914);
Rice, William Seltzer (1873-1963);
Rix, Julian Walbridge (1850-1903);
Robinson, Charles Dorman (1847-1933);
Robinson, Regina Dorland (1892-1917);
Rockwell, Cleveland (1837-1907);
Rodriguez, Alfred C. (1862 - 1890);
Sander, Marie Rey (1857-1945);
Schafer, Frederick Ferdinand (1839-1927);
Schumann, Ray (a.1931);
Schwartz, A. (a.1860s);
Sears, Benjamin Willard (1846-1905);
Shaw, Stephen William (1817-1900);
Simmons, Edward Emerson (1852-1899);
Simpson, William (1823-1899);
Smith, C. L. (a.1881);
Smith, Earnest Browning (1866-1951);
Smillie, James David (1833-1909);
Spiel, George (c.1861-1951);
Stein, Aaron (1853-1900);
Sternitzky, Robert;
Stuhl, Edward (1887-1984);
Strauss, Meyer (1831-1905);
Stuart, James Everett (1852-1941);
Towendolly [Tau-hin-dauli], Grant (1873-1963);
Valencia, Manual W. (1856-1935);
Vallejo, Napoleon Primo (1850-1923);
Vischer, Edward (1809-1878);
Wandesforde, Juan Buckingham (1817-1902);
Watts, William Clothier (1869-1961);
Welch, Thaddeus (1844-1919);
Williams, True W. (a.1874);
Wood, Alexander M. (1849-1925);
Wood, Robert W (1889-1979);
Wright, Johnny;
Yard, Sydney Jones (1855-1909);
Yelland, Raymond Dabb (1848-1900);
Young, John J. (1830-1879).


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