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The Flora of Mount Shasta

Western Peony

Peony Family (Paeoniaceae) Paeonia brownii
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Western Peony © 2001 Ken and Leona Beatty
Western Peony
© 2001 Ken and Leona Beatty

Flower: Nodding; 5 (or 6) sepals, greenish, free, leathery, spoon-shaped; 5 - 10 petals, round, maroon to bronze with yellowish to greenish margins; numerous stamens; 2 - 5 pistils

Blooms: April - July

Leaves: Deeply dissected into segments, each of which is further divided into lobes, or appear to be compound; blades tapered at base; lobe tips generally rounded; blades somewhat fleshy with a bluish waxy coating

Height: 6 - 18 inches

Found: Brushlands, open pine forests


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