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The Flora of Mount Shasta

Incense Cedar

Cypress Family (Cupressaceae) Calocedrus decurrens
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Growth Form: Cone-shaped, 60 to 150 feet; the top of older trees are frequently damaged by disease, wind, or lighting resulting in a multiple-trunk top.

Leaves: Everygreen; scale-like bright green, 1/4 to 3/8 inch; arranged in pairs, one pair is flat on the twig, adjacent pairs wrap around the edges of the twig, keeled. The flattened sprays of leaves tend to hang vertically on the branches.

Bark: Thick, vertically furrowed, reddish-brown

Cones: 3/4 to 1 inch, pendent; the closed cone resembles a duck's bill. Mature cones have a flying goose profile when held up against the sky.

Found: Dry to moist slopes in mixed forest stands

Tidbits: An important timber species, used for pencil stock, fencing, and shingles. Thick bark of mature trees is resistant to ground fire.

Incense Cedar © 2001 Ken and Leona Beatty Incense Cedar © 2001 Ken and Leona Beatty
Incense Cedar
© 2001 Ken and Leona Beatty

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